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Manual or Automatic

Manual cars are gradually giving way to automatic cars. Here we discuss the pro’s and con’s of both.

Regarded as the “norm” would be to learn in a manual car, it has been this way since the driving test started in 1935, but in recent years automatic driving has been growing in popularity, this is because it is much easier to learn and more automatic cars are available.  In a manual car most pupils would take several lessons learning how to master the clutch and gears, an automatic car does this for you removing this obstacle to progress further.

The main reason for learning a manual car is when you pass your test you will be entitled to drive both manual and automatic. If you can learn to drive a manual car this is probably best for you, but it’s not that simple as there are several other factors to consider which we have listed below:

Pros for Manual

If you pass manual you can drive both cars

Manual lessons tend to be cheap

Manual cars tend to be cheap

Most manual cars are cheaper to run than the automatic equivalent

Manual cars are slightly easier to  control

Pros for Automatic

It usually takes less time to learn

If you have poor co ordination it is much easier to learn

If you have a physical disability you may still be able to learn to drive an automatic

Automatics are a lot less stressful to drive especially in traffic jams

Automatics allow you to focus on the road more and keep both hands on the wheel at all times. Although manual cars are usually cheaper and cost less to run newer automatic cars are catching up and will probably take over.

In the future we  predict manual cars will die out, some other countries like the USA already have mostly automatic cars.


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