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Gabrielle pass her test 1st time Gabrielle Passed 1st time in St Albans with our Instructor Mark, she choose Mark as he was recommended by a friend. She said "passing my test will give me the freedom that I need once I have finished university, I decided I would learn to drive before I went traveling or back to university giving my self just over 3 months to learn. Mark was flexible with lessons and would always try to accommodate a time I asked. ​ Mark is a good Instructor he will teach you at your own speed but will push you where needed. Despite being a nervous driver I was always able to have a laugh with Mark".
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Danny passing 1st time in St Albans with our manual Instructor Mark 1st time in just 10 Lessons Danny said "he would recommend us to his friends, Mark is easy going and brilliant, passing my test will change my life for work reasons".
passing 1st time
Cirilo from Hertford passes with our manual instructor Tina Cirilo said "I am very pleased to pass today, full credit to Bell Driving School and to my lovely Instructor Tina of course. I have been with 2 different Instructors before and felt disappointed with them. I would encourage anyone to contact Bell Driving School if you want to pass where you are sure to get 100% preparation for the test."
Sochi passing with our manual Instructor Mark in St Albans Recommended by his dad Sochi said" Mark is a great Instructor, helps you learn from your mistakes and make progress every lesson".
Holly passing in St Albans with Sal our Automatic Driving Instructor Passed in 30 Lessons 1st time Holly from Hemel Hempstead said "passing will give me more independence and open up job opportuities. Sal was very patient, thorough, friendly and kind".
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Congratulations to Lisa who left this review on google. Anyone looking for a highly skilled, patient and kind instructor, I would definitely recommend you Sal, he always teaches you the details in a very encouraging way, and books your appointments when convenient for you. I passed at the first attempt! Thank you Sal, all the credits to you!
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Sophie passes her test 1 st time Sophie who lives in Hatfield passed in St.Albans with our driving instructor Mark and passed first time.She chose Bell Driving School because both her brother and sister had used us. Sophie said it was a good experience learning to drive, Mark is calm when you do something wrong and teaches you the things you need to do to improve.Sophie has already got her own car.
Amit passes in Stevenage Amit passed in Stevenage with just 2 minors 1st time. he now has his own car. He was recommend to Bell Auto and was very happy with the service. he says " he will recommending us to his friends and family.
automatic driving lessons in stevenage SG1 SG2 SG3
Alex from Hoddesdon passing with our manual Instructor Tina Alex said"Learning with Tina has been great! After a long period away from learning Tina eased my nerves from the beginning. She has a relaxed style of teaching which allowed me to progress as a driver. Everything Tina taught me I was able to apply in my test successfully which is a testament to her teaching.... couldn't recommended Tina more!"
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James passing with our Automatic Instructor Sal in St Albans James said "would recommend Sal 100%" James said" passing my test will be able to get to meetings without relying on others, Sal was brilliant, broke down complicated things so easy. Makes the lessons enjoyable too, fun and a great guy".
automatic driving school in stevenage SG1 SG2 SG3
Neil passing with our manual Instructor Kevin in Stevenage Would recommend use to family and friends Neil said"Kevin was a calming influence, made you feel welcome making you enjoy the lessons"
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Vincent passing 1st time with Sal our Automatic Instructor Would recommend us to family and friends Vincent said"passing my test will help me get to work on time, Salah is a very nice gentlemen, very calm and attention to detail".
passing test in stevenage SG1 SG2 SG3
Congratulation to Fois who passed his driving test 1st time in just 19 lessons, he left this review on Google. Really good instructor 😊 I passed my driving test 1st time ☺️ Thank to Steve 😊
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Ryan passing his test Ryan lives just outside St.Albans and passed 1st time with Mark.He was recommended by his sister and said that he will be able to drive to and from school. Passing his test has given Ryan freedom and independence.
ryan passing his test in barnet
Jamie from Stevenage passes 1st time Jamie who lives in Stevenage passed on the 13.11.15. She passed 1st time with just one minor mistake. She found Bell Driving School on a Google search, but says now she will be recommending us to her friends. Having a young child she says” it will make life much easier”.
lady passing test in st albans and luton hertfordshire
Brandon passed 1st time with our manual Instructor Tina Tina covers Hertford Ware Puckeridge Brandon said" Passed 1st time in Stevenage with Tina, Been learning with Tina for a few weeks she was very thorough. Instruction was very clear and helped develop my driving skills and encouraged me to be confident on the roads."
hemel hempstead
Elizabeth from Hertford passes with our manual Instructor Tina Elizabeth said "This is the third time I've attempted to learn to drive and I thought driving wasn't for me, turns out Tina's a great instructor and helped me become less nervous about the whole thing. She has been awesome at getting me through it -very patient and encouraging, making it seem less daunting and finally I can drive. Thank you."
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Victoria passed in St Albans with our manual Instructor Mark Victoria chose Bell because her friends passed with us Victoria said "Mark is a relaxed easy going Instructor who always made me feel confident, the experience was scary to begin with but was fun in the end." ​
Kenny Passing 1st time with his Instructor Mark Recommended by a friend Kenny was told about Bell Driving School by a friend, he passed 1st time in 20 lessons. He said "Mark is the man, Great Instructor, easy going fun".
manual driving lessons in harlow, Harlow Driving Lessons