Our ADI Training

Are you looking to train as a driving instructor? We have been training people for over 25 years, many of our instructors who currently work for us trained with us. Not only have we trained our own instructors we have also trained multiple independent instructors. We offer flexible training to suit all, you can train for just a few hours a week up to doing a complete weeks course in one go. We offer 2 cost options please see below. All our training courses consist of 70 hours in car training this is divided into three parts, 10 hours training for your part 2 ADI exam, 40 hours training for your part 3 ADI exam and the final 20 hours is used while you are on your trainee licence.

All our training is in car training, with a qualified instructor. With all our training options you are responsible for your own registration, exams and trainee licence. 

Free Training

We always have areas where we need instructors, if you live in one of these area we may offer training for just £1195, but if you work for us using one of our cars for just one year we will refund your training costs in full. Currently we need instructors in: St Albans, Stevenage,  Letchworth, Hitchin, Watford, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Hertford, Enfield and Harlow.

The initial cost of training can be paid in just 8 instalments of just £150 per month.

Full Cost Training

This option you would pay for all your training costs currently £38 per hour but you will be free to start on your own or work for us, which ever suits you . 

Earn up tp £37 per hour

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