Graduated Driver Licence

Graduated Driver Licence

Should new drivers have restrictions placed on them?

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Graduated driver licence (GDL) is a system where new drivers have restrictions placed on their licence. The idea is that new drivers can build up their driving skills, before and after passing their test.

In 2018 prime minster Theresa May called for the Department of Transport to look into introducing the scheme in a bid to tackle the disproportionate accident rate among young drivers.  

GDL is already in place in many countries around the world including many US states, Australia and nearer to home in Northern Ireland. There is strong evidence that in other countries GDL has reduces car crashes among young drivers by a considerable amount. In Britain it is estimated that the system could save 400 deaths or serious injuries every year.

So how would this work

The government proposal is for learner drivers to complete a minimum of a 100 supervised driving lessons and to complete 20 hours of night driving. This would be done over a 12 month probationary period, then after a successful test there would be other restrictions placed on the new driver, like

They would not be able to carry other young people in their car.

There would be restrictions on the times they could drive.

 Bell Driving School (our opinion)  

We think that just about all pupils could benefit from more tuition than they currently take, this of course comes down to cost. If we had more time with pupils we could take them further afield on lessons so they could encounter a larger range of situations. This could include Motorways and complex road junctions. As for restrictions placed on new drivers, it could also include the power of the car they drive, we believe a powerful car in the hands of a novice driver is a recipe for disaster.     

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