Refesher Lessons

For all ages

Refesher Lessons

No one wants to accept they are a bad driver but sometimes a gentle reminder of basic skills can do your confidence a world of good.

Below are some of the topics covered



Night Driving

Country Roads



why refesher lessons

There are many reasons to take refresher lessons, as roads get busier everyday we can all benefit from further training, it’s easy to fall into poor habits, it maybe we have lost confidence overtime or if we have got rusty after not driving for a long period of time.

People from all kinds of driving backgrounds could benefit from taking refresher lessons. Most of us accept that in our lives we may need retraining or on going training to stop us getting complacent, driving is no different. Many Companies now offer or demand refresher lessons for employees using company vehicles.

Post test training can be a great advantage for many different circumstances.

  • People who haven’t driven in a long time and have lost their confidence.

  • People who are wishing too improve their skills and maybe learn new techniques.

  • People who maybe wanting to drive in different conditions to what they are used to, like motorways, night driving or heavy traffic.

  • People who wish to learn to park in a bay or parallel parking.

  • People who have lost their confidence after a bad experience or an accident.

  • People who have just passed but are unsure about certain aspects of driving perhaps motorways, night driving, driving to and from work which may have some complex junctions they are unsure about.