Want to try first? Be an Instructor for the day

We offering a day with a qualified instructor, first you will be briefed  on how to give a lesson then you will try to give that lesson back to the instructor after which you will be given a debrief  on your performance. Next you can sit in on a few lessons with real pupils to get a real insight into the life of a driving instructor. Hopefully you will take away a great insight as to wether this is for you.

We do this  because the reality is a large percent of PDI(Provisional Driving Instructors) never qualify as a ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) There are many reasons for this but I believe there are two main reasons for this, first many PDI don’t realize what is involved in the job second the training and support they receive is not up to mark. We offer free training to the right candidate because we don’t want to waste our time on someone who is not going to make it.

Earn up to £37 per hour

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