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Munesu passing with our manual Instructor Paul in Hemel Hempstead Recommended by her brother and her sister Munesu said" Paul is very encouraging and knew how to bring out my confidence and pushed me when I needed it. Never gave up on me and didn't allow me to give up on myself".
passed 1st time in welwyn garden city, ascot
Maurice passing in St Albans with our manual Instructor Mark Recommended on Facebook Maurice who is a student said "Mark was puntual, experienced, reasonable and a friendly witty Instructor".
welwyn garden city, ascot
Rebecca passes first time with Mark She choose Bell because of good feedback from other customers Rebecca said " Mark is brilliant, very friendly and easy going but not afraid to let you know where you need to improve, he made learning to drive simple and easy. I will now be able to drive to work saving me time in the mornings."
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Daniel passing 1st time with our manual instructor Paul in Hemel Hempstead Paul choose Bell because his brother passed with us Daniel said "Paul has help me pass the test by showing me different ways of dealing with situations"
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Jessica passing 1st time in St Albans with our automatic Instructor Sal Changed to Automatic Jessica said "Sal is so helpful patient, knows what he's talking about and belived i could do it when I didn't".
welwyn garden city, ascot
Todd passing with Paul our manual Instructor in Hemel Hempstead Passed 1st time Todd was recommended by a friend he passed his test at Hemel Hempstead test centre 1st time, he said that he will be recommending Paul and that he knows what he is doing very kind and helps you do your best.
manual lessons hertford
Aaron passing with Mark in St Albans Aaron says he would recommend us to family and friends Aaron said" Mark is calm put me at ease and this opens more opportunities at work".
Phyillis psssing with Mark our manual Instructor in St Albans Phyillis choose Bell because of the good reviews Phyillis said" Mark is incredible, he gave me great preparation towards the exam. Mark is really patient and attentive as he would take notes in every lesson on mistakes i was making." "I will be more confident in driving on my own thanks to Mark."
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Ash passing 1st time with no faults Ash choose Bell Driving School because the good reviews he had read. Ash said " I will be able to get a promotion at work now, Mark was awesome, polite and teaches exactly what you need to pass the test. He makes you focus more on your weak points."
Pupil passing test in Barnet
Matt passing in Stevenage with our Automatic Instructor Steve Learning was much more relaxed and friendly than I was expecting Matt said "Steve is really helpful and makes a point of explaning why something is the right thing to do, also has great techniques for remembering maneouvres.
passed 1st time in letchworth
Mohammed passing 1st time in St Albans with our Automatic Instructor Sal Found us on search engine Mohammed said " I can finally get to school by car and not the bus . Sal is the best of the best".
Jasmine passing her test with Mark She choose Bell after being messed around by her previous school Jasmine said "Mark is a very good instructor, always has a polite and calm attitude which is important for learners. I have had other instructors before but Mark is the best. Thanks for the lessons and helping me pass".
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Ruby passing with Sal our automatic instructor Ruby was recommended by a friend Ruby said " I've learnt an essential life skill, i got a great learning exprenice with Sal. Sal is fantastic, very professional and experienced. He's is very familiar with the driving test format and test routes."
automatic lessons in hatfield and rushden