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Ben who is a student passed with Mark 1st time in just 17 lessons. He said “driving will help me become more independent, I had a good experience learning to drive, Mark was a very helpful and patient instructor he helped me a lot”.
ben passing his test
Passed Automatic
Holly who was recommend to Bell Driving School by the young carers centre.She passed with Mark our Automatic Instructor in Barnet. She said "I am very proud because I have learnt a life skill that can make it easier for myself to get to places, since first starting to drive my confidence has grown and I feel like I have flourished with success. Mark my instructor is attentive, calming and very friendly, I never felt rushed and the attention to detail was impeccable 10 out of 10 would recommend".
Holly passing her test at Hertford
Passed Automatic
Tadgh who is a rugby player passed his test 1st time in St Albans. He chose Bell Driving School because he had heard great things about us from friends. He said "Mark was great he helped me massively".
Harlow Driving Lessons, pass your driving test in harlow
Passed 1st time in Stevenage
Renee who is an apprentice passed with Kevin she had her driving lessons in Stevenage. She choose Bell Driving School because we taught her cousin and sister. She said "passing my test will make getting to work and visiting family and friends much easier, Kevin is great he made learning to drive fun, he is very good at keeping you calm".
Passed 1st time in Stevenage
Madeline passed 1st time with our driving instructor Mark at St Albans test centre. Madeline said" Mark is very understanding and will let you know the minor details as well as the main ones, I never felt pressured to be perfect".
driving lessons hertford
Passed 1st time in St Albans
Rosie passing her driving test with our manual driving Instructor Paul in Hemel hempstead Rosie said "Paul is relaxed, a great teacher and good fun"
Wendy from Hemel Hempstaed passing with our Automatic Instructor Salah Wendy who has all ready got her own car said "I will be recommending my family and friends to Sal he is very a Patient and Helpful Driving Instructor.
Abir from Hatfield passing his driving test 1st time with our Automatic Instructor Salah Abir chose Bell Driving School because he had heard it was good, he said" Salah is an amazing and excellent instructor and I would recommend my friends".
berkhampsted, bletchley, milton keynes, berkshire
Zuzana from London Colney passing with our automatic Instructor Salah Zuzana sent the following email after passing: Dear Bell Driving School, I want to compliment one of your excellent driving instructors, Salah, who I believe is a great asset to your company. He is friendly, cheerful, very patient and the driving lessons with him were always fun. He was guiding me through my lessons with enthusiasm and he went an extra mile to prepare me for both tests - theory and actual driving test. He made sure that we’ve covered all manoeuvres and areas, which I found out were included in my test and I would never believe that passing the actual test would be so easy. He always found time for me and he was the greatest support during my journey. Thank you, I will definitely recommend Salah and your driving school to my friends, King Regards Zuzana
Tracy from Hemel Hempstead passing with our Automatic Instructor Salah Tracy said "my Instructor Sal is polite, explains everything perfectly and it's never a problem if you don't get it first time, he will repeat as many times as you need, he is a very nice man thank you, the service is perfect".
passing driving test in cheshunt
Oshea paased his test at Enfield test centre 1st time with our automatic Instructor Mark. Oshea chose Bell Driving School because of the reviews. Oshea said "Mark is a fantastic Instructor, he's been very helpful with correcting my faults and helped me pass first time".
oshea passing his test in letchworth
This is Chass's Google review. I took a few lessons with Sal the Instructor and passed on my first attempt at the practical driving test. His vast knowledge along with his knack for teaching really aided me to get the most out of lessons and also to be able to be successful at my test, I'm extremely grateful to have had him as an Instructor and anyone would be lucky to have him as well. 🙂
Chass passing her test in barnet
Daniel from Hemel Hempstead passed with our driving instructor Paul. Daniel was recommended to bell driving school by a collegue. He said " passing my test will open new doors and give me more freedom, Paul is an amazing driving instructor he is very informative and calm, he covers everything thouroughly".
Dan pass your driving test in barnet
Ema from Hatfield Passing 1st time with our manual Instructor Mark After being asked to write a few words on her experience learning to drive Ema said" it will make my life a lot easier and less stressful as I can now drive myself to school and sports events, I had a great experience, I got more and more confident and now I really enjoy driving. Mark was absolutely fantastic, he was patient and really helped me build my confidence, couldn't have done it without him."
Tequila passes 1st time Tequila passed 1st time at St.Albans test centre. She took her driving lessons with Mark and thought that he was a very professional instructor and made her feel at ease. She would recommend us to her friends and family.
driving lessons Berkhamsted
Michael from Hatfield passing his test with Steve our automatic Instructor Michael who is a logistics co-ordinator was recommended to Bell Driving School. He said "he will be recommending us to his family and friends and that the service was excellent"
automatic lessons in berkhampsted
Rebecca from Welwyn Garden City passing with our manual Instructor Kevin After changing from another Driving School, Rebecca said" couldn't have asked for a better instructor, keeps you calm, removes all nerves. Would highly recommend".
new driving test
Caitlin passing at Stevenage test centre with our manual Instructor Kevin Caitlin was recommended to Bell Driving School, she took her driving lessons in stevenage with Kevin, she said " he was calming reassuring very honest and helps build confidence"
Liam from St Albans passing his test with our manual Instructor Mark Liam who works as an estate agent, said "passing his test is a must for his occupation, and that Mark is a lovely guy that always wants the best for you, great at his job, SUPERB".
Titus passed with our Manual Instructor Mark in St Albans Titus who is a graphic designer said "learning to drive has been highly rewarding and stressful but oh so worth it. I'll be able to drive now which is a great life skill to have so thanks again. Mark is a great tutor who is calm and gets the best out of his students. I've learnt a lot".
Natalie passing in St Albans with Sal our Automatic Driving Instructor. Below is the review she left on google. "Even with out my review sal comes highly recommended but I'm going to continue any way. Starting my driving lessons with him I was a nervous wreck and not confident behind the wheel. Sal changed all of that by not only teaching me what I needed to know but also ( listening to me ramble on and on ) and it helps that he has possibly THE most calming voice I've ever heard. after passing my practical test first time with two minor faults I cannot thank him enough And will continue to recommend him as a driving instructor to anybody wishing to not only be a good driver and pass there test but to be a great one".
Natalie passing her test
Daniel from Stevenage passed his driving test with Kevin. Daniel said "I have struggled to learn and progress with other Instructors, Kevin is a calming influence and helped me with all my nerves, Thank You Kevin".
Daniel passing his test in st albans, herts
Zoe from St Albans passed 1st time with Mark our manual Instructor who covers St Albans.She chose Mark from his previous reviews. Zoe said"I won't have to walk everywhere or rely on my parents for lifts, my experience was good, mostly stress free. Mark was a very reliable Instructor , he always turned up on time and he's very easy to get on with he made the lessons fun and stress free".
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Dr Reddy passing in St Albans with our automatic instructor Salah Dr Reddy said "Salah is a very good driving instructor, he is one of the best, I am going to recommend my friends to have driving lessons with Salah".
pass driving test in barnet
Dr Reddy
Chloe Passing 1st time with our Automatic Instructor Steve in Stevenage After Chloe's first Driving Instructor turned out to be unreliable, Chloe found Bell Driving School online she chose us after reading these reviews. She said "I had a bad experience with other companies but Steve was great and made driving easier and relaxing".
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Sam passed 1st time with Mark our manual instructor in St Albans Sam who is a teacher is our 1st pass of 2017. She passed on the 3rd of January at St Albans. When asked how passing her test will impact on her life she said "I can now go anywhere and Mark is an amazing Instructor, he made it an easy experience.
Emmanuel with his pass certificate Emmanuel passed their test on 9th September after taking driving lessons with Mark in St.Albans. They want to drive as they have to commute to and from University. Mark was very patient and friendly and there was a nice environment in the car. Emmanuel would recommend us to their friends and family.
Berkhamsted driving lessons
Amelia passes with Mark at St Albans test centre Amelia passed her test on 9th November at St.Albans test centre. She had driving lessons with Mark and now she has passed she can be more independent. Mark made Amelia feel very relaxed and calm when learning to drive and she would recommend us to her friends and family.
Vicky passes with Mark Victoria passed her test 1st time on 22nd June at St.Albans test centre. She had driving lessons with Mark and will now be able to drive to work rather than having to rely on public transport. Her instructor made her feel confident while driving and she would recommend us to her friends and family.
Laura passes 1st Laura who lives in Stevenage passed 1st time. She chose Bell Driving School because of the good reviews she had read. She had changed from manual lessons as she felt she want to pass quicker. She said “it will allow me to get to work easily, give me freedom to get around and gives me independence
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