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Are you looking for driving lessons in Hemel Hempstead? Then at Bell Driving School we have it covered. In this area we offer manual lessons, automatic lessons, intensive driving courses, driver instructor training and refresher lessons.

As a professional driving school, we try our best to make all our lessons relaxed, calm and friendly. We want you to be looking forward to your next lesson. Learning to drive should be fun, exciting and a great life experience. We realize there is a serious side to driving a car and this is why we will be teaching you to be a safe driver for life and not just teaching you a test route.

Normally we will keep you with the same instructor throughout your tuition. This will make your lessons more productive and will mean you are getting the best value for money on every lesson. All lessons are conducted on a 1-2-1 basis, just you and your instructor. 

As your confidence grows, we can help to arrange your test, we like you to book this in early as this will give you a focus and with a date to aim at, it means you are not just having lessons month after month, with no real end.

If this is your first time behind the wheel, we understand that you may be nervous, we understand this is a big decision and you want to make the correct decision. Just check out the experience of previous customers so you can make a better-informed decision. We want you to pass quickly and first time so you can be the next person to recommend us.

Let us use our 30 years experience to help your pass your test

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Not driven for a while? Lost your confidence? Refresher lessons may be just what you need. We offer manual and automatic refresher lessons in Hemel Hempstead. Maybe you have not driven on a motorway, we can help. There is no minimum number of lessons, so even if you just want one lesson that is fine.


You would expect most customers to be asking for manual lessons, but as time goes by, we are finding that more and more customers are asking for automatic car driving lessons. It has got to the point where now, customers asking for lessons is about fifty fifty. The government has brought forward to 2030 the date that most cars must be electric which means most cars will be automatic.

Why would you learn automatic? There are pros and cons for both manual and automatic cars. The big reason to choose to drive a manual car is if you pass in this type of car you can drive both. 

The big reason to choose an automatic, it is way easier to drive than a manual car. It has not got a clutch pedal which is the hardest pedal to control and you do not have any gear to change if you choose not to, just let the car take the strain.

There are of course many other reasons to choose an automatic, for drivers living in busy areas, the traffic can be slow, which in a manual car can be more demanding.

 For customers who have disabilities, an automatic car may be the answer. With fewer controls to use, physically they are less in demanding to drive.

We find they suit older learners, we know as you get older learning new life skills becomes more difficult. These vehicles can also suit customers who have struggled with a geared car or find coordination difficult. 

Driving any car may seem like a stress however, this is not how it should be. At Bell driving school we have a stress-free learning environment.


Do you want to pass faster, then an intensive driving course also known as crash course (not the best name!) could be for you. The idea is to cram all your lessons into a short space of time followed by your driving test.

Usually, you would complete between 2 and 4 hours a day, this can be demanding, and it is not for everyone. We would not advise beginners to try this, we think it is better to have some weekly lessons first and then may be an intensive course.

Intensive courses can be a good choice if you find weekly lessons difficult to retain the information given to you or you are struggling to get any confidence from one week to the next then they could really help.

The courses run from just 10 lessons up to 35 depending on your previous experience and your ability. Normally we would take you out for a one-hour assessment lesson. After the assessment we would discuss with you the areas that need work. The instructor would recommend the course they feel would most suit you and give you the best opportunity to pass first time.

Next, we would arrange you a practical driving test and then your lesson would start accordingly. Courses run Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.


Bell driving school has been offering our services in Hemel Hempstead since 1995, providing a professional, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn to drive. Our pass rate is above the national average which means you are more likely to pass with us first time.

Our aim as a driving school is to meet the needs of our customers, we want you to enjoy your experience with us. We try to help anyone pass their test as efficiently as they can in as few lessons as possible.


All our instructors in this area are fully qualified. It is reasonable to think that all instructors are fully qualified. This is not the case many national driving schools use trainee instructors, they use you as their Guinea pig.

We believe we have the best instructors in the area, they teach to an extremely high standard. They are all ways in high demand with most of their work coming from recommendation. Living locally, they have great knowledge of the area and of the local test centres, which will help you on your driving lessons and test.

What People Say About Us

Luke who lives in Hemel Hempstead was recommended by a friend. He said he found learning to drive very enjoyable. He found Paul polite, helpful and always on time.
manual or automatic
Daniel from Hemel Hempstead passed with our driving instructor Paul. Daniel was recommended to Bell driving school by a colleague. He said "passing my test will open new doors and give me more freedom, Paul is an amazing driving instructor he is very informative and calm, he covers everything thoroughly".
practical driving test
Niamh passed with Paul our manual instructor in Hemel Hempstead. She was recommended to Bell, she passed 1st time. She said "I loved learning to drive and Paul was really good".
automatic car driving


Most frequent questions and answers in Hemel Hempstead

Yes, in Hemel Hempstead we have manual and automatic driving lesssons.

There are many factors that will effect how many lessons you will need like: your age , your previous experience, weather you choose manual or automatic and the biggest is your ability, we are not all the same.

There are a few to choose from in the local area, this is something you can discuss with your instructor.

Yes, at Bell driving school for all learners you must have a provisional licence.

we find that 2 or 3 lessons a week is best. This means you are having a lesson every few days which gives you less time to forget and helps build confidence. In the long run you will need fewer lessons.